Bear Grylls Challenges Zac Efron And Ben Stiller's Survival Skills

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With almost sadistic glee, TV host-cum-wildman Bear Grylls is excited about bringing celebrities into the wild on his new show on NBC called Running Wild With Bear Grylls. The 40-year-old adventurer is famous for dropping himself and a skeleton film crew into the most remote locations around the world. His journey is documented and shows him using just the bare minimum of tools and a wealth of survival skills to successfully make his way back to civilization. On Running Wild With Bear Grylls, he’s not only taking someone with him—he’s taking some of the world's most well know personalities on the biggest adventure of their lives.

On the show’s premiere episode, Grylls takes young actor Zac Efron on a trip to New York’s Catskill Mountains, where they both took their shirts off before scaling down a cliff. Grylls also dared Efron to go on a skydive with him, which the 26-year-old actor was game to do after some minor hesitation. That episode has since kicked off a series that promises big celebrities working their way out of the most dangerous situations.

What Grylls achieves when bringing stars into the wild is not only the cheap thrill of watching them in their most vulnerable states, but also bringing out the best in their physical capabilities and opening a window into their personal lives.

In the second episode of the show, Grylls brings actor Ben Stiller to the Isle of Skye, a harsh environment in Northern Scotland. Within 48 hours, Grylls gets Stiller to stand on the pontoons of a flying helicopter, rappel down a cliff face, and forage for food in the form of wild garlic and limpid water. Through the jokes and exclamations of disbelief, Stiller opens up to Grylls about his parents and comedic inspirations, showing a rare glimpse of his personality.

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