Bear Grylls Being Playful With Kate Winslet, Forces Her To Recreate Iconic Titanic Moment

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If you’re out in the wilderness with a crazy guy like Bear Grylls, you deserve to have a little fun. Climbing down a steep rock, Kate Winslet re-enacted her very—if not the most—famous big screen moment as she spread her arms wide and felt the rush of the air a la Rose Dewitt Bukatter in Titanic.

Of course, Kate had a little help from Grylls. Who knew that the man who loves to drink his pee was also a man of persuasion?

Standing at the bottom of the cliff, the survival expert told the actress to let go.

“Go on then, take your hands off and I’ve got you,” said Grylls.

Winslet was a little baffled at first, but as Bear further told her to take both of her hands off and spread them wide, she knew what was coming.

As the actress started to majestically open her arms out, she uttered the only combination of words fitting for that very moment. “

Jack, I feel like I’m flying!,” Kate exclaimed. Grylls played along as di Caprio and said, “Kate, do you trust me.”

Yeah he should’ve said Rose instead, but what the heck it was still fun.

The playful moment ended with both celebrities sharing a laugh after Kate said “You jump, I jump, right?”, ending the exchange of Titanic lines.

Why was the actress with that adventure psycho Bear Grylls? Believe it or not, the Oscar winner signed up to appear on the survival show Running Wild With Bear Grylls. The episode aired on Monday evening.

Included in the episode is Grylls’ next challenge for the poor actress: to eat a bunch of worms. Well, that’s a sight we’re willing to see.

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