'Bear-Dog' Debate Finally Settled, So What Kind Of Animal Is It?

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A picture of an adorable creature got the Interwebs arguing about whether the cute fluffy creature is a dog or a bear.

It turned out that the furry pet is, in fact, a dog. Bounce the bear dog is actually a Pomeranian-mix, according to Ryan Horn, an employee of The Dog Spot – the dog daycare in West Nashville, Tennessee where Bounce was checked in. He reportedly took a photo of her and sent it to his friends, joking, “Somebody brought this bear into doggie daycare.”

One of his friends posted the photo of the bear dog on Reddit and Imgur using the same caption. Users immediately shared their opinion as to what kind of creature it was, igniting a debate on Reddit. Twitter users got involved in the heated argument as well.

One user pointed out that it was neither a bear nor a dog but a baby Ewok.

Bear dog reddit

Bounce is owned by Elizabeth Maguyon, a chemical and bio-molecular engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Maguyon and her family were on a trip in Tennessee when they boarded Bounce in a daycare for dogs. The 19-year-old engineering student said her family hated to leave the dog at home so they brought her along and checked her into a doggie daycare. She added that people would often stop and take pictures of Bounce, curious if the dog was a bear.

The owner of the adorable bear dog also jokingly predicted during their trip “that Bounce would become famous without us even knowing because of all the pictures people were taking of her.”

Bounce does not only look like a bear but also acts like one, Maguyon said: “She could sleep all day long. She doesn't ever bark either. She naps all day and in that way, I guess she's like a little bear who sleeps lots in winter. We joke all the time she's not even like a real dog.”

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