Beagle Chicken Nuggets Video A Web Sensation - Are There Others?

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A video of a crafty beagle who raids his owner's kitchen for chicken nuggets has gone viral and it's easy to see why.

When we see animals acting like people, we can't help but to be entertained. In the video, the beagle hunts down the nuggets and even opens the oven door to steal one. He even moves a kitchen chair over to the oven so he can reach it.

While the beagle chicken nuggets video is no doubt adorable and even impressive, Lucy the beagle isn't the only animal that knows some good tricks.

YouTube is full of cute and cuddly animals who have been caught on camera while getting into mischief or being too smart for their own good. Here are a few of the best.

Meet Kido. Kido had a rough start at life and was abandoned several times before he found his forever home with his current owner. Kido is a master at the shell game and no matter how hard his owner tries, he just can't outsmart Kido.

In this video a smart horse learns how to spell his name. Shiloh can also add and subtract and knows how to spell a variety of other words.

Parrots are known for being smart and many can even talk. This little parrot is a master at solving riddles as his owner demonstrates in this video.

Teaching your dog to bark on command can be challenging enough. Can you imagine teaching it to learn sign language? This dog knows several signs. Researchers studied the brain activity of the dog while it was learning and determined that dogs are capable of complex communication.

Do you have a smart pet?

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