BCS Standings: Things Are Shaping Up As The Season Comes To A Close


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The BCS standings have been released, and with only one more week to go in the season, things are finally starting to fall into place. After an incredibly dramatic finish between Alabama and Auburn, this week's BCS standings also feature a new #1 team for the first time in a long time.

The bowl games are shaping up to have quite the excitement in the coming weeks, with top teams losing and a variety of scenarios possible.

The BCS standings have been significantly changing in recent weeks and with Auburn's big win over Alabama, the top team that has won the past two national championships may have been taken out of the running for this year's title game.

For the first time in a long time, a new team is sitting at the #1 spot, and the new team is Florida State. Florida State has been dominant throughotu the season, and looks to be headed to the national championship shortly.

The bowl projections, and where teams will be headed is narrowing down slowly, but the fate of several teams around the country will be determined shortly. The conference championships are coming up next weekend, and after Saturday's games play out, college football fans will have a better idea of where their favorite teams will be headed during the bowl games.

Here is a full list of this week's standings.


Ohio State is also closely behind now at the #2 spot, however they have to get past a tough Michigan State team in order to make the title, and that could be a difficult task to overcome. If Michigan State is to win the Big Ten Championship Game against Ohio State, then they would be headed to the Rose Bowl for the first time in many years. After a hard fought season, a Rose Bowl berth for the Spartans is something that they could look forward to, and are deserving of the game. Michigan State's only loss this season is to Notre Dame, an out of conference game, and anyone who saw the game would argue that MSU should have won the game if it were not for the way the game was officiated.

Even if Ohio State were to win, some people feel that the SEC is such a strong conference that Alabama, Auburn, or possibly even Missouri might be more deserving of a shot at the title. Missouri's coach Gary Pinkel said, for example, "Any one-loss team in the SEC (should be considered) just because of the strength of schedule. Hopefully that will be taken into consideration."

Alabama has been one of the top teams for several years, and as the SEC continues to dominate, especially in last week's BCS standings, it is not hard to understand the argument that is being made for the top-ranked SEC teams, and their chances of going to the title game.

With the current BCS standings, it seems that Florida State has their spot in the title game secured, however on Ohio State's end, things are a bit different. Ohio State barely beat a struggling Michigan team over the weekend, and after Auburn's upset, they might have what it takes to win the SEC championship game, and proceed on to the national championship if Ohio State were to lose especially.

The fate of the BCS standings is coming down to the final week, and the results of the the Big Ten Championship and the SEC Championship will have a big impact on who goes to the BCS Championship, depending on who wins, and how each team plays.

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