Battlefield 4 Video Shows Us Multiplayer, Ultra Graphics


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Say what you will about Dice/EA's upcoming sequel to their successful Battlefield series, especially when the latest iteration is still popular with the gamer community, the developers certainly now how to make a good looking game. Take this latest video, for instance. While short, it offers a look at the multiplayer aspect of things, and while those who are familiar with Battlefield 4 probably won't see anything new, it should provide some reassurance that they haven't screwed anything up, at least that's how it looks.

The bursts of gameplay viewers are treated looks to be centralized around the same Shanghai high rise that was gloriously taken down in the E3 trailer. Much like the Metro map became the mainstay for BF3 players, it would not be surprising to see the "Siege of Shanghai" map gain the same kind of popularity. It should be noted the video is not from EA or Dice. Instead, it was made by GamesHQMedia (YouTube page), and their reason for showcasing the video was to demonstrate how BF4 will look with the graphical settings turned up to Ultra, which brings up two things:

First, you'll have to select the 1080p option to enjoy the crisp graphics, and second, as VG247 points out:

The video looks rather slick but since Youtube can only run videos at 30 FPS, some of its visual prowess is lost.

Battlefield 4 will be available on just about every major console/gaming device you can imagine on October 29, including the PS3 and 4; the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One; and for PCs.

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