'Battlefield 4' Out Today, Launch Trailer Previews Multiplayer


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After months of previews and pushing the oddly-named "Levolution" feature, EA and DICE have finally released Battlefield 4. The game is out today on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Though the Battlefield franchise has historically been focused on massive multiplayer battles, EA strongly pushed the single-player campaign during the run-up to launch. Battlefield 4's campaign will have an in-depth military story, presumably to bring it closer to its goal of competing directly with the current kind of console shooters, the Call of Duty franchise.

For launch, however, EA is going back to what it knows fans want. The launch trailer for Battlefield 4 focuses exclusively on the massive online battles that players will be jumping into today - especially the various vehicles they will be able to command:

Battlefield 4 will also be coming to PlayStation4 and Xbox One consoles when they are released next month. Reviews for those next-gen versions were also released today, and comparisons between the new consoles are already being made. Though other third-party titles could be different, the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 will run at a higher resolution and is reported to have a more consistent framerate than the Xbox One version.