Battlefield 3 Premium Confirmed By Sony For June 4th

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Oops....It looks like Sony may have just made a fairly major boo boo. On the update for the European PS store, They have the Close Quarters DLC pack listed for June 4th. What they also have is a listing for the until now unconfirmed Battlefield 3 Premium. It has a release date of June 4th which is the date of the EA press event at E3.

All you have to do is go to the European Playstation Blog and check out this weeks Playstation Store update to see the oopsie.

So now that the speculation of "IF" is gone, we can now speculate on "WHAT." What exactly is the Battlefield 3 Premium going to be? Judging by the name being Battlefield 3 Premium and not Battlefield Premium that this will just be for Battlefield 3 and not a COD Elite clone.

The price is also an eye opener. Previous rumors have had it as a discount program. That instead of paying $20 - $30 going forward, you only pay $10 for each DLC after you buy BF3 Premium. That is a stretch now. With 4 announced expansions, I could see EA/DICE make a discount program that has us paying $50 now, and we get all future DLC. Kind of like an insurance policy for them so they know that they will make money on this game more than a year after its release which is when the 5th and final expansion is set to be released.

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