Batman vs. Superman: Rumored Trailer Details


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If you don’t know, the upcoming San Diego Comic Con is supposed to be a big event for Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

This is when fans in attendance are supposed to get a special trailer of the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

According to website KDrama Stars, the trailer has already leaked online. Well, not so much the trailer itself (talk about misleading…) as details as to what fans will see at Comic Con.

KDrama Stars claims that the trailer will take us into the Batcave itself. On the various monitors inside the Batcave, you see the video of Zod’s “You Are Not Alone” message to Superman.

A figure who is clearly Batman (sans cowl) is watching the message. As soon as footage stops playing, we supposedly witness Batman don his cowl and then turn to face the audience.

The teaser trailer allegedly ends with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice logo.

Hmm, sounds interesting.

It certainly doesn't deviate from what we would expect from a teaser trailer for a sequel.

Typically they are a rehash of what was in the previous movie with just a glimpse of something from the new movie thrown in. Often nothing is really explained as to the direction of the sequel, leaving that task for future trailers.

Good for DC/WB to sticking to the expected formula! That is, if the details are true.

There are a few doubters. Over at, it was pointed out that the premise for the teaser sounds an awful lot like something fans have done already.

With so many DC shows and movies already out there and the Justice League being in developmental Hell for so long, fans are apt to put together footage of what they wish they could see.

It’s possible that KDrama Stars dressed up a fan-created video/plot as official for page hits. Or maybe they received genuine feedback for the teaser trailer from someone close to production.

If this is legitimate news, it will be very interesting to see exactly how much the teaser borrowed from fans of the DC Universe.

Image via YouTube