Batman V Superman: Images From The Movie Set Leak

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After a successful showcase at the San Diego Comic Con, the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is more buzzed about than ever.

Details from the set of the movie continue to “leak” to the public as interest remains high.

The latest details include images from the site of filming that were captured by the Channel 7 News helicopter.

Batman V Superman is currently being filmed in Detroit, Michigan.

As Chopper 7 flew away from a breaking news story in the area, it spotted (and filmed) images from the set of the movie.

What we see, thanks to the helicopter, is a lot of chaos.

Cars are smashed, glass is scattered throughout the street, and buildings destroyed. One crushed police car has "Metropolis" written on the side, signaling the location of the apparent carnage.

Among the rubble is something of great importance.

During the Channel 7 clip, it's easy to spot a fallen “Wayne Financial” sign.

Uh oh.

It looks like someone trashed Bruce Wayne’s place of business.

The question is who will be responsible in the movie. Superman? Lex Luthor? Or it is some unnamed villain we have yet to hear about?

It could be that the building was taken down during a major city-wide confrontation, as the Wayne building was not the only one “damaged” on the set.

We saw the destructive nature of clashes that went down in Man of Steel. In that movie, much of the wreckage was caused by Superman fighting his foes.

Thanks to the Comic Con teaser trailer, we have reason to believe that Superman will be in Gotham at some point, and quite possibly fight Batman. However, it won't be all "Batman vs. Superman".

Other members of the Justice League are to make an appearance in this film, including Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman.

Actress Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman look was revealed at the recent Comic Con and it’s one of the most anticipated aspects of the 2016 movie.

Even though the spoilery footage raises some questions, we probably won’t have any real answers until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters in a couple of years.

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