Batman V Superman, Dawn Of Justice: Henry Cavill As Clark Kent Photo Released


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Holy Clark Kent, Batman! The first look of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been released for those on the internet. And the internet is pleased.

"He looks REALY, REALY AWESOME!! This movie is GOING TO ROCK!!" one comment said. "Eye candy :)" expressed another. Are they right? Is this the movie to placate those fans who have always wanted two of D.C.'s biggest heroes to share the screen?

The Motely Fool says "no". Why? Even though the stakes are high for Time Warner and Warner Brothers Studios. The very premise of the movie has three major flaws. First there are too many heroes and villains. Movies that are one on one hero versus villain have done better in the past.

The Avengers is the exception that proves the rule of their second point. All of the major character who appeared in that movie already had origins movies of their own. Man of Steel only featured Superman. Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, Nightwing, and Wonder Woman were not featured in that world. Third, David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder have made some pretty questionable creative decisions in the past. After all, Man of Steel only ranks 55% with critics at Rotten Tomatoes.

Still. It's a good looking photo.

According to CNN it was taken to support the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, an organization which helps U.K. veterans. Henry Cavill is one of their biggest supporters.

As for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the release date is set for May 6th, 2016. However, there apparently is a leak of a trailer online that is supposed to be shown at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

You can take a look for yourself here:

Image via Wikimedia Commons.