Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Out Today On Consoles, PC


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Did you play last year's mostly excellent Batman Arkham Origins? Were you biting at the chomp to see what happened next? Unfortunately, you couldn't unless you owned a Vita or 3DS as Arkham Origins Blackgate was a handheld exclusive title. Well, no more, as Warner Bros. games joins the increasing number of developers that rerelease a handheld game on a console with updated visuals and gameplay.

Warner Bros. sent word that Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition is now available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It's the same game that came to handhelds last year, but with a few big improvements. Namely among them is that the original games terrible maps have been redesigned. No longer will players have to turn their Vita/3DS on the side and decipher ancient Sumerian script to see where they need to go.

Alongside some much needed gameplay improvements, the game will also sport a few new outfits for Batman. Like in past console releases, you can live out your dream of taking down the villains that inhabit Blackgate Prison as 1960s Batman. You know you want to.

With Batman Arkham City Blackgate Deluxe Edition, console gamers will finally have everything they need to prepare themselves for the release of Batman Arkham Knight later this year.

Image via GamersPrey/YouTube