Bart Derailment: Service Stalled As Repairs Continue


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A train derailment at the Concord, Calif. BART station on Friday continued to hold up services into the weekend.

According to a statement by BART, the train had just gone out of service when at around 6:30 pm, some wheels went off the track. The San Jose Mercury News reported that witnesses described a “strong electrical odor” as lingering in the area.

There were no passengers on the train during the derailment and the train operator suffered no injuries.

It is not yet known what caused the train to go off the track, but Adam Goermar, who witnessed the derailment, described the train as “going too fast as it went through the station” and bouncing, sending sparks flying before derailing a short while later.

"It was like something out of a movie," said Goermar. "I caught my breath."

After responding to the chaotic scene on Friday night, workers continued to make repairs to the derailed train, the track, and the electric third rail into the next day. The location is to remain closed as the repairs process will likely continue through Saturday evening.

Persons were advised that all service past Pleasant Hill on the Pittsburg/Bay Point line had been canceled.

To cope with the inconvenience, BART says that riders planning to travel into San Francisco or Oakland should catch trains departing the Pleasant Hill station on Saturday. There is also a shuttle train which will be operating between Pittsburg/Bay Point and North Concord. There is a bus service available for commuters needing to get to eastern destinations on the Pittsburg-Bay Point line.

BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said that there is no planned time or date for the closed Concord station to resume service.

This is the first major derailment at the Concord station since March of 2011 when a ten car train went off the track. There were sixty-five passengers on board during that incident and three riders reported minor back injuries.

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