Barry Switzer Calls Johnny Manziel Arrogant

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Johnny Manziel, also called "Johnny Football", has been one of college football’s top figures for a couple of years now. His name causes debate and people either love him or hate him.

Legendary coach Barry Switzer is not a big fan of Manziel as evidenced in his CBS Sports Radio interview on Wednesday morning. The former coach said that Manziel is arrogant and that he does not like his antics. He went on saying that the football player is a privileged kid who has embarrassed his team and coach.

Switzer may be referring to several instances where Manziel’s name came up in headlines. Last year, the football star got a half-game suspension for allegedly taking money for autographs. There were also several news articles on how Manziel spends his time partying and going to casinos when off the field.

After bashing Manziel, Switzer was quick to say that Manziel is the best quarterback in college football he has seen in a really long time. He also said that Manziel has been putting up astounding numbers one game after another with his strong arm, quick moves, and elusiveness in the field. Switzer has also praised the football player’s performance against stiff competition. He finished his statement by saying that Manziel is the most dynamic and dominant quarterback in college football he has ever seen.

Johnny Football has had a polarizing presence in collegiate football. He is full of talent on the field, but has had some issues off field, which have been raising questions regarding his maturity.

With the 2014 NFL draft just a few months away, people are sure to voice out their opinions on the prospect players and this may be the time for Manziel to get on the good side of critics both on and off the field. Ultimately, however, what matters is whether or not his game is worthy of the NFL.

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