Barry Manilow Did Marry His Boyfriend, Says Suzanne Somers

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Barry Manilow once had a hit with a song called "Mandy." Maybe his fan base presumed based on that song that their beloved Copacabana crooner was straight.


The National Enquirer first reported that Barry Manilow had married his manager and long-time lover Garry Kief in a small private ceremony at their home in California.

An apparently-enthusiastic Enquirer source said, “Barry has lived a very secretive life and the wedding was no different! Barry and Garry did not tell friends or family that the occasion was their wedding,” the insider explained. “It was a beautiful wedding and consummated their lifelong love affair!”

This source also said that Barry Manilow had kept his sexual orientation out of the public eye for fear of fan reaction.

“Barry is paranoid that his fans would not approve of him being gay, when in reality, many have suspected it for years – and most wouldn’t care,” the source said. “They would be happy for him!”

Another source for People Magazine said something similar about Barry Manilow.

"He's at a point now where he's got his career and personal life in a great place and he really doesn't care what people think," the source says. "He's in love and happy."

Anonymous sources re one thing, But now Suzanne Somers has admitted on television that the ceremony took place. On Watch What Happens Live recently, Somers opened up about the marriage.

"They're married and they're happy and I was there when it was announced," Somers said.

"He's extremely private, extremely," said Somers. "I think it was very difficult, and it's very difficult for me to talk about, so I want to do it with complete respect and love. He's an awesome person, they're both awesome people, they're my dearest friends."

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