Barry Gibb Offers Advice to Troubled Justin Bieber


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Believe it or not, Barry Gibb and Justin Bieber have quite a lot in common.

No, it’s not the cool hair or the high-pitched voice – although they do both share those features – but the whole stardom thing. And the former Bee Gees front man has a few words of wisdom for the young Bieber.

As you may know, Mr. Bieber has had a few run-ins with the law recently, which include alleged vandalism, urinating in buckets, egging houses and participating in drag races while under the influence. Some concerned citizens have even launched campaigns to get the crooner deported.

But on this morning’s Today show, a concerned Gibb talked about Bieber’s issues to anchorman Matt Lauer.

“Things don’t really change much, do they?” he asked, referring to Bieber’s troubles. “If you’re a teenage idol and all the young girls love you, you can lose that pretty quick."

Hear about some of Bieber's recent issues, here:

Gibb has certainly has his fair share of followers, as he was once considered the cat’s meow back in the days of disco. He and his brothers, Maurice and Robin, had modest singing careers in the 1950s, but rose to the top once they recorded the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever in 1977. Once they were stars, they experienced some of the same issues that Bieber is now, which is why Gibb feels he can give the young star some advice.

"You can lose perspective, but you can also lose them in the long run if you're not a role model," Gibb stated. "Hopefully what he does on stage and the way he dances and the way he sings, he will apply that to his real life. There's a discipline in what he's doing. Apply that discipline to how you want to behave."

Watch the interview:

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