Barbara Walters Thinks The Bachelor Degrades Women and is Offended by Ben's Haircut


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Barbara Walters dreaded the thought of having to go on the View The day after California winemaker Ben Flajnik, 29, proposed to bad girl model Courtney Robetson, 28 on The Bachelor. She said she had no interest in seeing another couple degrade marriage by vowing to be together forever in front of a global audience. She claimed to have lost an hour of sleep over the upcoming topic.

The esteemed journalist was asked by co-hosts why she didn't care for the show and she pointed out that "... The Bachelor has been on for 10 years. Not a single Bachelor has married the woman he chose in the finale" and said the show was a "crock." This took some courage considering that The Bachelor is a show on ABC, the network she works for.

Barbara even snapped at her 34 year old co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, after Hasselbeck suggested that they watch the show together next time. Barbara responded by saying "I do not know how [your husband] Tim puts up with you."

View co-host Sherri Shepherd thinks women continue to watch this show because they don't actually want to be independent, they want to return to more traditional roles and win over their prince charming.

Barbara even jested at Bachelor Ben by saying he is "an ordinary guy with bad hair."

I couldn't agree more with Barbara on this point. When Ben proposed to Courtney on a windy mountain, his long straggly hair blew back and forth, covering his beady eyes.


I will even take this farther and say that he bears a striking resemblance to one of the cavemen from the Geico commercials.