Barbara Walters Really Does Struggle With The Word "Treat"

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Last weekend, the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner went off without a hitch, as celebrities, politicians, and members of the mainstream media gathered to be roasted by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and even President Obama himself.

As always, after the event was over, some people felt the need to dissect the comedy routines and discuss which jokes were appropriate and which ones crossed some made-up line. This really shouldn't surprise anyone - it oftentimes feels like some people can be offended by a knock-knock joke. There was debate about the appropriateness of Obama's various jokes about eating dogs (a popular news item as of late), and whether or not the recent Secret Service prostitution scandal should have been the topic of so much jest.

By most accounts, featured speaker Jimmy Kimmel's speech was a success. I, for one, thought it was definitely the best roast since Stephen Colbert made some GOP enemies by unleashing on then-President Bush and his administration in 2006.

Kimmel went after Romney, Obama, the Secret Service, Chris Christie, the Kardashians, and many, many more. One particular joke about long-time 20/20 reporter and current co-host of The View Barbara Walters drew the ire of some. And by some I mean Barbara Walters herself. He joked that at one point, a "tweet" was simply something that Barbara Walters gave her dog. Kimmel took some time on his late night show Monday night to address some of the criticisms of his WHCD routine. He said he was "vewy, vewy sorry" if the joke offended her, once again making light of one of the legendary newswoman's phonetic abnormalities.

Plus, the women of The View have Walters prove that she doesn't say the word "treat" as "tweet." She doesn't quite past the test. Check out the funny below:

"Everyone loves a good insult, as long as it isn't them being insulted." True story.

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