Barack Obama Is The First Gay President

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This writer takes both personal interest and joy in the wacky world of conspiracy theories about president Barack Obama. Springing from such fertile lands of crazy as the conservative areas of the internet and the ever-entertaining-yet-simultaneously-infuriating Fox news, theories about who the president "really is" never fail to bring amusement wherever they land. From accusations of him being a Muslim to his new dog being a ploy to cover up the problems in Syria, the zany things people come up with in attempts to "slander" the president are always popping up, and they seem to get more ridiculous each time.

One of the latest rumors finds its roots in conservative activist and journalist Dean Chambers, the founder of As his website's title might suggest, Chambers has previously gained notoriety by "unskewing" polls that "favored" Obama during the 2012 election. According to the description given in his profile over on the Examiner, Chamber's articles have "been linked or featured by the Drudge Report, The Gateway Pundit, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Blaze, and others."

Chambers, as he expresses thoroughly in this delightful read of his, that Obama is the first gay president. But not in the way that Andrew Sullivan described in NewsWeek, where he commended president Obama for making great strides in marriage equality and other LGBTQAI+ issues. Oh, no. Chambers means something completely different. As he so eloquently puts into his own words, "I think Sullivan is right, but not for the right reason. I do believe that Barack Obama is in fact our first gay president."

Obama is gay, and this man is determined to convince us all. Nevermind that president Obama is married with children; as chambers puts it, again, so eloquently, "Don't tell me his marriage to Michelle and having two children disproves that he's gay. Remember Jim McGreevey, the former governor of New Jersey, who got himself into some trouble, and then came out of the closet to declare himself a “gay American?” He was married and had children too, but that didn't stop him from being gay either."

Chambers goes on to site multiple sources that imply president Obama's torrid affairs in the Chicago gay scene. He also goes on to disprove one of the longest-standing conspiracies about Obama; that the president is actually -gasp- a Muslim!! Chambers argues, "This [his homosexuality] might well be why Obama actually is a Christian, and at some point chose to become one. Christians don't hate gays; Christians who believe that homosexuality is wrong take the humane approach of loving the sinner and opposing the sin. Muslims, on the other hand, have been known to stone someone for being gay."

Chambers ends his article with a most thought-provoking question; "Would you be a Muslim if it put you as risk for being killed because of your lifestyle choices?" And this writer simply couldn't think of any better question to leave than that.

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