"Banned" iPad Mini Promo Makes Sure We Know It's Not an iPod Touch

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Making fun of those white-background Apple product launch videos is one of the internet's favorite parody styles, and the iPad mini with its disappointing (to some) sets of specs and high price tag is ripe for such ridicule.

No retina display? Outdated processor? Who cares? It's still revolutionary...right?

"All of these efforts combine to create a product with an exceptional level of finish, and the result is an extraordinary iPad - one that will be used until a faster processor is developed, as well as the technology to put a retina display inside such a tiny device, and a higher megapixel camera.

But who knows when that'll be? That's at least 7 months into the future. The iPad mini is the future. It's the future until May - at least. Probably more like the end of May. Or more than likely June. iPad Mini is now the future until then," says Jony Five, 'Senior VP of Design.'

Check out the "banned" promo video below:

These guys aren't rookie Apple product-lampooners. They provided their sarcastic criticism of Apple's product launch cycles back in September with their "banned" promo video for the iPhone 5.

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