Banksy Art Taken Down In Brooklyn

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Banksy, the street artist who made a name for himself by painting stencils with a decidedly political commentary-lean on various walls around the world, is currently working on his "Better Out Than In" series...and at least one fan has caught up to him in order to chisel the art off the wall and take it home.

The latest piece--a relatively simple one of a beaver knocking down a parking sign--was discovered by a fan who immediately began working to remove it. Between fans who want a piece of a famous artist and rival artists who are covering up his images, Banksy has a fight on his hands this month as he puts up one new work a day around New York.

banksy new york

Apparently, some people are charging 5$ per view of the Banksy New York pieces, and many have taken to Twitter to discuss.

Image: Hypebeast/Twitter

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