Bad Piggies Show Up Across the World [VIDEO]


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Bad Piggies turned out to be a huge success for Rovio. The game broke company records and built upon the Angry Birds brand that has grown into a huge property over the past two years. And, though Angry Birds Star Wars will almost certainly overshadow the pigs, it's clear that Bad Piggies will be getting lots of love and merchandising from Rovio. That isn't something that can be said of Amazing Alex, which failed to catch on in the mobile market.

When Bad Piggies was released, Rovio held launch parties across the world in cities such as London, Shanghai, and Taipei. Ads for the pigs were found on the sides of buildings, on large panel vans, and as helmets on people's heads. Rovio today released a video showing off its Bad Piggies launch marketing efforts around the world, and it's quite amusing.

If Rovio was able to get Bad Piggies ads onto the side of a skyscraper's electronic billboard, I imagine that the launch parties for Angry Birds Star Wars are going to be properly amazing.