'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Bristowe Said To Be Pregnant After Taping ABC Show

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The Bachelorette baby watch ended even before it begun, with Kaitlyn Bristowe deftly snipping the news at the bud.

Reports say that instead of love, the newest Bachelorette ended up with a baby. The news is not really new as every year baby rumors always start swirling as the show gets ready to air, with viewers wondering (and hoping?) that something more blossomed between the contestants.

So it’s no surprise that the 30-year-old Bristowe would also be hounded with baby rumors, especially since she has admitted to being intimate with one of her suitors even before the eagerly anticipated Fantasy Suite dates started.

Life & Style magazine certainly seemed convinced of this. Bristowe is front and center on the magazine’s June 8 cover, along with a small photo of a pregnancy test. The mag also played up the rumors with claims that the dancer is “hurt and confused” and that she “can’t believe this happened.”

You’d think that a woman who’s confident enough to assert her sexuality would suddenly forget to protect herself.

Anyway, in typical Bristowe fashion, the Vancouver native laughingly blew off rumors that she’s baking a small human for Nick Viall, the Bachelor she allegedly got intimate with.

When congratulated by Elan Galle, one of the producers, about the happy news on Twitter, Bristowe responded in kind.

“Thank you so much I appreciate all the support. I’m going to name him Elan @theyearofelan.”

Well, that should be a load off Viall’s mind. Although, if a certain news report is to be believed, Viall and Bristowe seemed to have had something going on for a while now so a Bachelorette hook-up might be inevitable.

Based on Viall’s tweets, viewers can tell he has been attracted to Bristowe since her run on The Bachelor.

An insider also confirms that the two “started talking” in January and have a connection.

I guess we’ll just have to see how this connection plays out.

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