Babyface Marries His Longtime Girlfriend

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On Saturday, May 17, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds married his longtime girlfriend Nikki Pantenberg.

The couple has been dating since 2007, and are the parents to their daughter, 5-year-old Peyton Nicole. They announced their engagement back in February, when Toni Braxton, with whom he collaborated with on their joint album Love, Marriage & Divorce, asked him if he would consider marrying again (he has been married two previous times, and has two sons with his ex-wife Tracy Edmonds), during a BET interview.

"I've already considered it," he said, answering Braxton's question. "I'm engaged, so yes." Braxton then asked Babyface what he had learned from his past relationships that have helped him with this one. "The main thing is being honest with yourself and being honest with your feelings," he explained.

"When we're not honest with ourselves we just accept situations, don't talk about them, and as you said, ignore the elephant in the room," Babyface added. "You better recognize there is an elephant in the room and deal with it, because a lot of times the elephant in the room is the one that you put in there, so you have to deal with it."

According to PEOPLE, the couple's wedding took place in Southern California, where they were surrounded by their closest friends and family, including Oprah Winfrey. Singer Carole B. Sager originally posted a video of the wedding on her Instagram account; however, it has since been deleted.

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