Baby Elaina: Remains Believed Found In Man's Attic

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Baby Elaina, the 1-year old girl who went missing from her Toledo home in June, may have been found on Thursday in the attic of her mother's boyfriend.

Elaina's mother, Angela Steinfurth, and her boyfriend Steven King, both face charges of obstruction of justice in the case as investigators have worked to find the toddler for months. Authorities say they had obtained a search warrant for King's home and were searching the attic space when they found a box nearly hidden on a tall shelf in the corner. Inside were immature human skeletal remains, so badly decomposed that it will take weeks for DNA results to confirm whether they belong to Elaina.

"The box, recovered from the upper level of the garage located at 704 Federal, contains immature human skeletal remains. Because the skeletal remains are so immature, it is not possible to determine the sex of the deceased therefore DNA is necessary," read a statement released by Dr. Diane Scala-Barnett and Dr. Julie Saul of the Lucas County Coroner's Office. "DNA samples have already been submitted to BCI for analysis. DNA is the most accurate and scientific procedure to confirm identity and sex in this case. Anthropologic examination is still ongoing. Toxicology is pending. Cause and manner of death will be assigned when all parts of the autopsy have been completed."

Elaina's father, Terry Steinfurth Jr., says he's waiting for clear answers in order to gain some closure.

"I'm hoping for answers to know exactly what's going on right now. Everything's speculation, so I'm hoping for the best," said Steinfurth. News, Weather

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