Avril Lavigne Poses Topless for Xmas [Pic]; 'I'm Not in Rehab'

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Avril Lavigne recently made it into the news when she was rumored to be in rehab for some drug problem.

Previously, Lavigne's husband, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, had to fend of rumors that the couple was splitting.

Apparently the former issue came about when Lavigne herself told a fan on Twitter: “I’m not feeling well. I’m having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers.”

The mysterious request sent Lavigne's fan base into a tizzy, with people wondering just how serious her health issues might be to request prayers.

It did not take long for the rumor mill to turn to thoughts of drug addiction and rehab. But Lavigne herself took to Twitter again to dispel those bits of speculation.

More recently, Lavigne sought to prove that she was in good health and spirits by posting more pics to Twitter. One was of a topless Avril, covering herself with a teddy bear.

Thanks to Lavigne's 17.5 million Twitter followers, the photo has been retweeted over 3,700 times, and "favorited" almost 6,000 times.

But Lavigne's fans are not necessarily scrambling after the lascivious. She posted this pic the same day, and it has almost double the stats: 6,900 retweets, and 12,000 favorites.

As for hubby Chad Kroeger's response to all the rumors, particularly those about his not wearing a wedding ring, he says:

“You know my dad calls me up, and he’s just like, ‘I haven’t slept in two days, what’s going on?’ I'm like, 'Dad you're not buying all this crap are you?' You know, I get to hear all the rumor mill stuff. So it's, it's...I find it very amusing."

"When you get out of high school, and it's like 'Ugh, OK.’ All that rumor crap. All that stuff that people say behind each other's backs is minuscule, pales in comparison to the world of, you know, celebrity or being married to a celebrity. That's high school multiplied exponentially. It's ridiculous."

But wait, Chad. what about the missing wedding ring?

“You know what? They come off. And they go back on and then come off and then go back on. What does that mean?"

Then Kroeger decided to fight fire with fire.

"Wait, let's start a new rumor… I'm pregnant."

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