Avril Lavigne Gets A Mature Makeover From Allure


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Avril Lavigne developed a signature look the minute she came on to the music scene in 1999.She's known for her dark eyeliner and overall punk rocker look.The 29-year old "Here's To Never Growing Up" singer decided to let Allure do something different with her style for their January 2014 issue.

Lavigne's song"Sk8er Boi",introduced the world to her with a very tom-boyish sense of fashion.This look usually consisted of heavy eyeliner, color streaks, oversized pants and a white tank-top.Her look has evolved over the years, with age.However,she hasn't completely transformed her look.Though her hair is mainly blonde now, she occasionally still wears pink steaks from time to time.Her look has become more girly than it once was, but she still maintains some of her famous tomboyish look elements.


For the recent Allure magazine, she goes for a much more natural look.She straightens her hair, removes any extensions and her hair color looks closer to its natural color than it has looked since she dyed it platinum blonde. Lavigne credits her long hair with helping with her shyness. “I like to have long hair. I wear it down a lot, especially because I have more of a tomboyish style.I’m a shy person, so my hair is maybe a safety net", says Lavigne to Allure.

For the change of makeup aspect to her makeunder,the magazine strips her face of any heavy makeup.Lavigne claims that she uses M.AC. Smolder daily, even when she's at home. The makeup artist kept Lavigne's eye makeup light to keep the fresh, nature look the magazine wanted to achieve.They also didn't put any lipstick on her, which highlights her natural lip rosiness.

In the photoshoot,Lavigne wears a form fitting simple black dress.

In the photoshoot,Lavigne also does some other makeup and clothing experimenting.One of them involves Lavigne getting glammed up to try a more romanticized look that includes some eyeliner.This made Lavigne enthusiastic in the exclusive behind the scenes video included on Allure.com.

Lavigne looks gorgeous with her more natural look. So if Lavigne needs a change, she should consider keeping things more simple.

Image, Via Allure.com