Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Leaks: Marvel Is Furious, But Fans Are Elated

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How Marvel Studios managed to keep the trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron under wraps this long is anyone's guess.

Despite the company promising the trailer to viewers of the struggling Agents of Shield, it seems that someone felt that excited fans shouldn't have to wait that long.

The trailer has made its way to the internet via a leak. It has been noted that this is NOT the same trailer that was shown at Comic Con. The contents of that trailer remains a mystery to non-attendants.

This trailer made its way to the internet Wednesday, and as excited fans share the two minute footage it becomes clear that it has only added to the hype surrounding the upcoming Avengers movie.

Marvel cannot be happy about this...but at least the company put on a brave face with this hilarious tweet:

UPDATE (10:26 PM)

Marvel went ahead and uploaded the official HD trailer. Have a look!

Takeaways From The Trailer

1.) Explosions, destroyed city streets, and civilians running for their lives? Didn't we see this in the FIRST Avengers? I suppose there are some things that must be repeated for the sake of a good popcorn action flick. Let's hope that the movie proves to be something other than repetitive.

2.) Iron Man is apparently confessing to being at least partially responsible for what we're seeing. And seeing as Ultron at least partially resembles an Iron Man suit, we can only guess that the villain somehow his brain child. Is this the event that acts as the catalyst that will bring ups "Civil War" in the Marvel movie universe?

3,.) HULK BUSTER VS. HULK! Ever since the suit was introduced in Iron Man 3, we've all been wondering if it would ever feature in a match-up against the Incredible Hulk. It looks like we finally have an answer.

4,) Will we see the end of Captain America? It has been speculated for some time that we are on the threshold of the death of Cap. Seeing his shattered shield in this trailer is enough to make someone wonder if he's really going to die.

5.) "There Are No Strings On Me." Everyone take a minute to clap for Disney. Not only were they flaunting their ownership of Marvel Studios, but taking a moment to plug one of their more beloved animations.

What did you take away from the leaked trailer? What do you want to see in the movie?

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