Australian Spiderman Trailer Emerges With New Footage


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Back in April we were given two international trailers, revealing some of the back story of this rendition of Spiderman. These trailers did not include much action, electing to concentrate on the story side. They revealed the darker tone and some changes in the storyline, when compared to the previous Tobey Macguire Spiderman.

In this version, we see a lot more of Spiderman flying through the air, and a closer look of his web shooting apparatus. We are also given a couple new shots of The Lizard. Now that we get to see him up close, it should give fans something to buzz about until the July 3rd release.

So far this movie hasn't gained nearly the amount of fan support that The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises has. It could be that fans are a little worn out on the Spiderman series after emo Peter Parker drove the series into the ground.

It could also be that the trailers so far have concentrated more on Peter Parker's story than Spiderman's. For a lot of people, that is what hurt the last franchise the most; too much drama, not enough action.

But hopefully this trailer will turn things around. It could be that the first trailers were just an opportunity for the producers to show how this new take will differ from the old one. By showing more of the story line, we get to see how this version will return to its roots in a lot of ways. Now that we are up to speed, they are going to hit us with trailers that highlight the action.

As far as the actual film goes, who knows if it will be predominately action or drama. If this trailer is any indication they need to go with action. The darker tone lends itself in this direction, otherwise it is going to come across as comical. Just look at Spiderman 3.

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