Austin Carroll Serial Offender?


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We reported earlier that Austin Carroll, a teen from Indiana was expelled from school after he tweeted the F bomb late at night. His commentary had nothing to do with the school. His cursing was not even directed at anyone who attends or is employed by the school in the small town of Garrett but school officials continue to defend their decision.

Carroll's expulsion is now generating controversy regarding how closely school officials can monitor students' online imprint, especially when they are conducting such activities outside of school.

School representatives contend that the senior must have used a school-issued computer or school network to send out the tweet. If this is true, then the school has a basis for their ruling, if not this debate could build and become a fiery dispute over First Amendment rights.

Pam Smitth is the offending teen's mother. She does not agree with her son's expulsion and thinks a more appropriate course of action would have been to suspend him for a few days.

Students at Garrott High School agree that his expulsion is an injustice and cops were called in after a riot broke out.

The senior says that he was just trying to be funny and said, "One of my tweets was, f@#$ is one of this f@#$ing words you can f@#$ing put anywhere in a f--@#$ing sentence and it still f@#$ing makes sense."

Do you think that school officials overreacted?

According to CBS News his mom thinks the board made the decision, "in retaliation for her son's previous misbehavior, which included a suspension earlier in March for violating the dress code by wearing a kilt to school and a suspension last fall for using the same expletive on a school computer. Then on March 16, her son tweeted the F-word again."

Why can't he wear a kilt? Is this school stuck in the 1950s?

Ernie Abilla was also also suspended by his public school for wearing a kilt back in 1984.

No one is saying that his comment was appropriate, but should that keep him from being able to attend prom and graduate?