Audrina Patridge: Crying Over Corey Bohan?

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Audrina Patridge was spotted a few days ago--decked out in a Halloween costume and crying on a bench--after attending Matthew Morrison's Halloween party at Hyde nightclub in West Hollywood. The former Hills star went to the party with ex-boyfriend Corey Bohan. Is he the reason she was crying?

"Audrina and Corey were fighting outside the club while waiting for an Uber," a source told E! News. "Their Uber took 30 minutes and Audrina cried the entire time. Corey just sat there while Audrina yelled at him. Occasionally he would say something, but it seemed as if he just wanted to get out of there."

"He walked away from her a couple of times. She was screaming at Corey, telling him 'It was you!'" the source added.

Audrina Patridge was rather scantily-clad as she sobbed on the bench. It was kind of hard to figure out exactly what or whom she was dressed as for the Halloween bash. Corey Bohan was also in costume. He looked like a law enforcement official--maybe a game warden--dressed in a khaki shirt and shorts.

So what's the scoop with Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan? Are they on? Are they off? Why did they even attend the party together if there was a chance that this might happen?

"They are always going back and forth. Audrina is still in love with him, and they still hang out, but he is a total player and messes with her mentally," the E! source says. "She really cares about him, and it breaks her heart that he can't commit to her the way she wants him to."

Maybe Audrina Patridge's tears on the bench indicated a final goodbye? If she is being messed with mentally, one can only hope she breaks up with Corey Bohan for good before any damage he does takes an even worse toll.

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