Audrina Patridge And Corey Bohan: Together Or Not?

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Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan have been in a seemingly casual on-again off-again relationship for around five years now. The couple seemed to be back together as they attended Matthew Morrison's annual Halloween bash at Hyde nightclub in West Hollywood on Saturday.

But, Audrina Patridge didn't have a very fun night. She was spotted outside the party, sobbing and yelling at Bohan, as they waited for a ride.

A source told E! news, "Audrina and Corey were fighting outside the club while waiting for an Uber."

"Their Uber took 30 minutes and Audrina cried the entire time. Corey just sat there while Audrina yelled at him. Occasionally he would say something, but it seemed as if he just wanted to get out of there," the insider continued.

Wow. That's awkward.

While the scene was probably kind of a downer for those nearby who were trying to enjoy a frightfully good party, it seemed especially heartbreaking for Audrina Patridge.

"He walked away from her a couple of times. She was screaming at Corey, telling him 'It was you!'" said the insider.

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There is no news on the status of the relationship or what the fight was about, but many speculate that it was most likely over Bohan's continual lack of interest in making a commitment to Audrina Patridge.

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“They are always going back and forth,” the source tells Us of Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan. “Audrina is still in love with him, and they still hang out, but he is a total player and messes with her mentally. She really cares about him, and it breaks her heart that he can’t commit to her the way she wants him to.”

Could this be the final ending of the Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan relationship? It looks pretty serious, but it could just be the most recent in a long string of battles. What do you think?

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