Aubrey O'Day: Did She Disrespect Dawn Richards?

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Aubrey O'Day released a statement last week announcing the second (and likely final) breakup of Danity Kane.

She made some pretty serious accusations against her bandmate, Dawn Richards.

In the statement on Danity Kane's website O'Day wrote,

"During a recent group meeting, a business conversation took a turn for the worst when my group member (Dawn Richards) punched me in the back of my head while I was speaking to another associate. To be clear, she was not physically engaged or threatened prior to her attack on me. This is the same information I provided to the police, and witnesses also corroborated this account of the incident."

Aubrey O'Day continued,

"I cannot condone or excuse any form of physical violence, particularly at the hands of someone I considered family. Disagreements happen. But a war of words and ideas should never end in physical aggression."

However, Dawn Richards is a little miffed that Aubrey O'Day ended the band's run without even consulting her.

She posted on Facebook a statement of her own.

In it she said of Aubrey O'Day and her accusations,

"I am sorry to everyone that this news has to come out. You're worth more. Certain choices were made that I am not proud of. However, I will not be disrespected. Once again, I am sorry to the fans as this should have been handled privately not publicly."

She continued,

"I am not justifying my actions. I am saying this was all done before any changes or conversations could even be had."

Is it right that Aubrey O'Day announced that Danity Kane was broken up without consulting one of its members? Is Danity Kane done for good?

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