Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Announced

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It was around this time last year that Assassin's Creed III marketing materials began to leak onto the internet, so it's no surprise that the past week has been filled with leaks for the next yearly installment of the free-climbing, hidden blade-wielding action game. A poster showing the title Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag teased that the game would involve pirates. Later, a map of the Caribbean in 1715 posted online, comprised mostly of Cuba, teased the game's location and time period.

Today, Ubisoft has released box art for the game, unofficially announcing the next Assassin's Creed installment. The image of the new assassin character on the box art clearly shows him carrying a cutlass and several flintlock pistols. If these accoutrements, the ship battle taking place in the background, and the name Black Flag aren't quite enough to cement the game's pirate theme, there is literally a black flag bearing an assassin's symbol-themed jolly roger image just behind the character. Current rumors has it that this new assassin will be the grandfather of Assassin's Creed III protagonist Connor.

One other item of note is that the PlayStation 3 version of the box art contains text indicating that the PlayStation 3 version of the game will include an extra hour of exclusive content. Sony and Ubisoft teamed up for a similar deal on Assassin's Creed III, and PlayStation 3 owners were treated to a few missions involving Benedict Arnold's betrayal of West Point.

Assassin's Creed IV Box Art

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