Assassin's Creed III Trailer Wants You To Know Just How Pretty It Is

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I've always thought that the Assassin's Creed games were some of the more beautiful games of the current generation. The design is top-notch and the technical side of things is solid. I didn't think it could get any better after how good Assassin's Creed Revelations looked, but I was proven wrong.

The newest trailer for Assassin's Creed III is a little different from past trailers. The focus this time is not on story or gameplay, but rather the game's engine. That's not to say that gameplay and story don't factor into the trailer. The game's engine, AnvilNext, is extremely important in crafting the narrative and the gameplay that I can't wait to dig into come October.

I think that Ubisoft has something really impressive on their hands here. The fact that the game's engine is able to render over a thousand NPCs at once is nothing short of incredible. It wouldn't be that big of a problem on the PC, but to achieve the level of quality seen here on current generation consoles is pretty astounding.

Also, it's worth mentioning that Connor finally kills a colonist in this trailer. After months of saying that Connor wasn't going to take sides, he finally kills a non-Redcoat. I think we can all agree with one YouTube commenter when he says, "Hey British people, Connor just killed a colonist... You happy now?" As for the answer, only time will tell.

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