Ashley Wagner Makes Changes For Sochi


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Many people wondered if Ashley Wagner would make it to the Olympics and when she did, many said she didn't deserve to be there. Ashley has been in Sochi for a while now and as she waits to compete, she continues to practice and train more than ever. By now, Ashley has her routines down pat, but she still needs to perfect them. Ashley is a tough competitor and knows what it takes to win and if that means making some last minute changes, she will do just that.

Ashley recently decided to change her music for Sochi to something she felt more comfortable with and was able to relate to better. She had originally decided to skate to Rome and Juliet but has now changed it to a song she used last year, Samson and Delilah.

"This is the program that raises the hair on my arms," she said, admitting she could not relate to Juliet's character. "I'm so passionate about skating, and I just can't imagine a single person in my life making me go that crazy for them," Ashley continued. "She just seemed a little bit irrational to me. Juliet is delicate and soft and sweet. And I am not a sweet competitor. I'm vicious. I can be nice off the ice, but on the ice, that's not where it's time to make friends."

Ashley's music isn't the only thing that has changed for Sochi, she also changed her entire style of training, begging her coach to be hard on her.

“After nationals, I said, `Tell me what to do, just make me someone worthy of being at the Olympic Games.” Ashley said.

The hard work has paid off so far, and Ashley claims to have lost 3lbs already and is able to get hire on her jumps.

Ashley is currently preparing for the short program which will take place this weekend.

Do you think Ashley Wagner has what it takes to win the gold at the Olympics?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.