Ashley Tisdale Will Share Kiss With Emily Osment on ABC's Young & Hungry


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Ashley Tisdale's next Young & Hungry episode will feature a kiss between two women. If that doesn't interest you, she also cut her hair recently.

It's now a long bob, or "lob" for short.

Maybe Young & Hungry is a little bit more interesting topic after all.

Tisdale also happens to be the producer of the show. It was picked up by ABC Family back in January, and places like Just Jared Jr. were pretty excited about it. Mostly they were interested in the stars, Emily Osment and Jonathan Sadowski, but they were excited nevertheless.

More excitement arose recently, this time from the Hollywood Reporter, when they caught word Tisdale appearance on the show's episode Wednesday, called "Young & Lesbian". Tisdale plays Logan Rawlings, a "fiesty" magazine editor who shares a kiss with Gabi, Osment's character on the show. From the photos the kiss leans more on the goofy, comedic side rather than sensual, sexy, natural, or loving. But the episode hasn't aired yet, so who knows?

The show, described as"a rich girl who hires a young blogger to be her personal chef" is a source of pride for Tisdale. She share her personal life and her life on the show side by side. Naturally, the network tends to be a little more focused on the show itself and not so much behind the scenes where Tisdale is many times.

Social media being what it is, sometimes Tisdale's status as a celebrity outshines the her work. News seems to be broken whenever she and her fiancé Christopher French go out to buy groceries. KDrama Stars described this exact scene for their readers:

Christopher looked totally manly as he carried their two grocery bags, as they casually walked on the sidewalk that super hot afternoon. Ashley was carrying her water bottle and was wearing a cute and casual ensemble of black tank top paired with shorts. She also had on her usual high bun.
The two seems to be getting real cozy with each other as their wedding gets near.

They were also quite tickled with this Instagram post:

But nothing about her work, let alone Young & Hungry.

Image via YouTube