Ashley Monroe Talks Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert

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Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert were bandmates when they both performed as part of the Pistol Annies. However Monroe says she's close friends with Blake Shelton, too. That's why when Blake and Miranda starting tweeting in support of Ashley Monroe's new album, "The Blade," she felt like she'd been thrown in the middle of what might become a war of words.

That wasn't the case, as those who have followed Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's divorce news know. In fact, as Ashley Monroe soon learned, their tweets took the attention off them and put it on her instead.

"When I saw the tweets I was like, 'Oh my gosh!' Then I was thinking, 'This puts me in the middle and I don't know what's happening!'" Ashley Monroe joked during a recent interview with Us Weekly. "But it took a not-so-fun situation and put the attention on me! I loved it."

Not only is Ashley Monroe close with both Miranda Lambert and The Voice star, she has also sung backup for each of them.

"Blake is one of my best friends and so is she," Monroe said.

"So they both love me so much," she added, regarding the tweets Blake and Miranda each sent out in support of their good friend.

Miranda Lambert even joined Ashley Monroe on stage in the days after her divorce from Blake Shelton went public.

"It was spontaneous!" Monroe said of her Pistol Annies bandmate. "It's such a deep sister bond that I'm learning you don't really have with that many people in life. You start to appreciate those true friendships and Miranda is that to me. And I'm that to her."

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are lucky to have a close friend like Ashley Monroe. Hopefully their divorce doesn't wind up making her choose one of them over the other.

In the meantime it seems like their friendship with Ashley Monroe has provided a safe topic about which Blake and Miranda can be both civil--and even a little bit friendly.

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