Ashley Madison Hack Exposes Huge Cheating Population In Canada

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Ashley Madison has yet to be fully exposed, but if data breach info should ever be brought to full light by hacking vigilantes The Impact Team, it could be especially disastrous for Canada.

Namely, the city of Ottawa. Ottawa appears as a frigid, fairly sleepy city, but apparently it has a hot extramarital culture who make good use of Ashley Madison.

Ottawa has 883,000 people. 200,000 of those people have profiles on Ashley Madison.

That is more than a fifth of the population registered on Ashley Madison!

A few locals have opinions as to why their city would be such big consumers of Ashley Madison, where the slogan is "Life is short. Have an affair."

Marriage counselor Nataxja Cini has her theories as to why so many Ottawa residents have covertly sought relationships on Ashley Madison. She said, "In our buttoned-down city, it may not be acceptable to openly explore outside of a committed relationship."

Another Ottawa resident had a similar, but more blunt opinion, saying, "In a blue collar city, they're not going to use a website, they're going to do it at a bar. Here you can't run the risk of someone seeing you at a bar doing that... Why do you think everyone goes to Montreal to have a good time? Ottawa is the city fun forgot."

Some theorize that political occupations, which abound in the city and are stressful and demanding, may have contributed to the large number of Ashley Madison users.

In fact, Parliament Hill, with a large political residency, had the most registered users according to Ashley Madison statistics.

Whatever the reason, as one Ottawa resident put it, "I think a lot of people will be questioned at dinner tonight."

Are you sweating the Ashley Madison breach?

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