Ashley Judd Takes One for the Team; Kisses Dick Vitale

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Ashley Judd is arguably the University of Kentucky's number one fan. She is always on hand to cheer on her alma mater's men's basketball team, and catches camera time every game she manages to make it to.

Ashley Judd attended the University of Kentucky where she majored in French and minored in anthropology, art history, theater and women's studies. She has been a huge supporter of the sports programs at UK ever since.

While on hand Sunday to cheer her Wildcats to victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks in the SEC Championship game, Ashley Judd not only caught camera time, but the attention of famed sports announcer Dick Vitale.

During the game, Vitale bragged on air that he had smooched Ashley Judd and tweeted about it. But it wasn't until after the game that the pic drew major attention.

So what's the big deal with Dick Vitale kissing ashley Judd? Except that he's 75 and she's 46? For some women, smooching bald, old Dickie V might have been cringe-worthy. But most guys were probably thinking the same thing:

"I'd give up my hair and take 75 if I could do that."

Some detractors piped up that smooching UK's crowned Number One Fan was not becoming on Vitale.

"That's Dick Vitale, giving the ol' heave-ho to journalistic objectivity and smooching Kentucky superfan Ashley Judd immediately prior to the Wildcats' handy victory over Arkansas. Vitale, a well-documented Duke enthusiast, is now apparently displaying some divided loyalties."

For his part, Vitale handled it like a man. He posted this shot to Instagram, apparently taken moments before he turned and took his once-in-a-lifetime chance. Who can blame him?

Eat ur heart out guys / She loves KENTUCKY !

A photo posted by Dick Vitale (@dickiev_espn) on

Ashley Judd's devotion to her Wildcats is not just limited to men's basketball. Anytime her name is mentioned, some guy in Kentucky pulls another picture out of his wallet.

Ashley Judd: one more reason to hate on the Kentucky Wildcats. As if an undefeated season, an SEC Championship, and two benches full of starters better than any one bench in the country weren't enough.

Oh, and Christian Laettner still sucks.

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