Ashley Judd: Did Sister Wynonna Put A Tracking Device On Her Car?

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Ashley Judd is reportedly accusing her sister, country star Wynonna Judd, of having a GPS tracking device placed on her car without her knowledge.

Details surrounding the strange case are scant right now, but it apparently involves a minor and a custody battle that has been ongoing between the sisters. The teenager reportedly drove the car, a Mini Cooper, to a repair shop in early November and discovered that a large plastic box had been placed beneath it that contained a GPS device. The GPS was registered to a private investigator in Nashville by the name of Janice Diane Swafford-Holt, head of Legal Legs Nashville Private Investigation Firm.

Wynonna Judd allegedly asked Swafford-Holt to purchase the device with instructions to watch the teenager, but it's not known why. Her ex-husband, Arch Kelley, has also been insinuated in the incident as the person who planted the device, but he has denied all involvement.

"I don't have a clue," Kelley said. "I don't know a thing about it."

A police report was filed, but no charges have been brought against anyone in the case yet.

Judd has had quite a bumpy year; after announcing a separation from husband Dario Franchitti in January, she flew to Houston to be by his side after a horrific crash in October.

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