Ashley Benson Murder Suspect Arrested

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Ashley Benson's murder shook Portland last month, but her murderer just might be behind bars now.

Benson's body was found in a stairwell at a DoubleTree Hotel in Northeast Portland

Tae Bum Yoon, 27, was arrested on Wednesday under suspicion of her murder and was booked into the Justice Center Jail. He was being held without bail and was arraigned Friday afternoon in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Police haven't said what connection Tae Bum Yoon had with Ashley Benson, but they have said that Benson was a victim of sex trafficking. Whether or not that has anything to do with her murder has yet to be announced.

Benson was a 2008 graduate of Reynolds High School in Washington. She grew up in the Gresham area and later lived in the Vancouver area. Ashley had a young son and was "a good person" with a contagious laugh and she would give a person the shirt off her back, according to her good friend, Karissa Sheaffer.

Another friend, Suzanna Mainor, said after Ashley Benson's murder, "She was a good spirited person who loved her boy more than life itself."

She continued, "she was always the first one to make someone laugh when they were down and out. Whoever did this is a heartless person."

Hopefully, the family and friends of Ashley Benson can get some relief with the arrest of Tae Bum Yoon and some closure as the investigation into this devious crime moves forward.

What do you think about the troubling murder of Ashley Benson and its connection to sex trafficking in America?

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