Ashlee Simpson Models for Jessica's New Line


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Ashlee Simpson will be modeling for her sister, Jessica Simpson's upcoming Fall clothing line and campaign.

When Jessica began the search for models for her Fall line, she immediately thought of her younger sister. “I have a pretty cool sister with an amazing sense of style, and I was honored to get to do the shoot,” says Ashlee, who works on the brand as well, helping with the tween line. “We keep it in the family. Jessica’s a fun one to work with.”

What is the style of Jessica's new line? "This time it's bohemian Americana, so that was the theme," Ashlee explained. "And she asked me to shoot the campaign which was an honor and she was there directing it."

Although their styles are different, with Jessica being the more girly of the two and Ashlee with an edgier side, the two styles are easily shown in the photographs that were taken by Ellen von Unwerth. “Jessica's a bit more girly, and I kind of like to bring an edge to my looks. I do like to be in dresses, I just like to toughen it,” said Ashlee.

If Ashlee wasn't feeling a certain look, Jessica didn't insist that she do it. "Jessica always wants me to be comfortable ,so it was an honor that she had me do this and it's fun to work with my sister and family," Ashlee told E!. "And if I say no or feel uncomfortable, she's like, 'Let her out of that outfit, she's not going to wear that.'"

The photo shoot wasn't all glamorous, according to Ashlee. “We were all having a good time, kicking dirt in pretty dresses,” Ashlee says. “They did tell us to look for ticks! And I was like, ‘Okay, I’m just going to roll in the dirt.”