Arsenio Hall Returns to Late Night TV: Twitter Reacts

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Arsenio Hall, the Emmy award-winning talk show host and champion of this year's incarnation of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice", is set to return to television airwaves next year. According to MTV News, Hall will debut his new late-night syndicated chat show towards the latter half of 2013, much to the delight of those who grew up watching the actor/comedian interview everyone from Jean-Claude Van Damme to Kool Moe Dee to former President Bill Clinton.

Hall's latest endeavor, which will land in September of 2013, will hit the airwaves courtesy of CBS Television Distribution and the Tribune Company. The syndicators will broadcast the show on 17 of their stations, including Chicago's WGN-TV. If the program doesn't debut in your market, keep your fingers crossed that someone will give Hall and his talk show some much-needed love and attention. Personally, I can't wait to see what Hall has up his sleeve.

In addition to his hosting duties, Hall has been involved in a number of motion pictures, including the 1988 Eddie Murphy classic "Coming to America", "Harlem Nights", and, most recently, "Black Dynamite", a film in which Hall portrays a flamboyant pimp known as Tasty Freeze. in 2008, the actor contributed some voice work to director Anthony Leondis' underrated animated comedy "Igor", which also featured John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, and Molly Shannon.

Do the individuals who spend countless days and nights fawning over every single Twitter post have anything to say on the subject? Of course they do! A sprinkling of Arsenio Hall-related tweets can be found in the space below. I, for one, am excited for Hall's return, though, sadly, I doubt he'll bring the Dog Pound with him. I always wanted to be a part of that group.

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