'Arrested Development' Soundtrack Gets Release Date, Track Listing

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Varese Sarabande Records has announced the release date of the long-awaited soundtrack to popular show Arrested Development, which earlier this year, came back to television by way of Netflix.

The release contains forty-two tracks spanning the entire series to date. There's a lot of greats, like "Balls in the Air (Extended Version)", "Mock Trial," "Big Yellow Joint" (and its companion "Big Rock'n Yellow Joint"), and of course "Teamocil". You can see the list at the end of the article.

"Arrested Developments composer David Schwartz selected the songs and score from all four seasons of the show, with a heavy dose of madcap ballads and ukulele themes for the soundtrack," the record label says.

Schwartz was even nominated for an Emmy this year for outstanding music composition for a series.

Last month saw the release of the soundtrack for another of Netflix's shows - Hemlock Grove - which also earned an Emmy nomination for its title theme.

Arrested Development Track List:

1. Arrested Development (Main Title) (:18)
2. She’s Cute (1:25)
3. Getaway (Extended Version) (2:53)
4. Practice Kisses (1:51)
5. Sound of Silence / The Cockroach (Medley) (1:09)
6. Balls In The Air (Extended Version) (3:05)
7. Face Blindness (L&M) (1:33)
8. You’ll Never Hear From Me Again (3:35)
9. As It Is Such (Medley) (1:18)
10. Tobias Eat Pray Gay (Medley) (:40)
11. Motherboy (1:19)
12. Franklin’s Brown Sugar (:23)
13. It Ain’t Easy Being White (Vocals: Will Arnett) (1:19)
14. Shot By Love (Extended Version) (3:04)
15. Mr.F (:49)
16. The Yellow Boat (1:56)
17. All You Need Is Smiles (Vocals: Jeffrey Tambor & David Schwartz) (:27)
18. Big Yellow Joint (:27)
19. Big Rock’n Yellow Joint (:09)
20. The Cute Test (2:05)
21. Aloha Lei To You (1:09)
22. Oh Phoenix (2:14)
23. Andele (:28)
24. Bang Bang Bang Bang (Buster Dance) (2:14)
25. I’m Blue, Man (2:13)
26. Mock Trial (:15)
27. Not Your Father, Mopy, Tiny Town (Medley) (1:30)
28. What Could Be Better (1:20)
29. She Winked (1:07)
30. Free At Last (1:18)
31. Oh My (Medley) (:49)
32. Get Along, Little Sheep (:29)
33. Big Ska (:49)
34. Buster & Lucille & George & GOB (:40)
35. Fantastic 4 (Medley) (:54)
36. The Invisible Girl (:58)
37. Rub It In (1:53)
38. The Chipper (1:39)
39. Teamocil (Vocals: David Cross, Portia de Rossi and Danielle Cipolla) (:35)
40. You Here With Me (1:27)
41. Police Cruise (1:04)
42. Boomerang (Performed by Lucy Schwartz) (3:37)

[via IndieWire/Film Music Reporter]

Image: Varese Sarabande Records

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