Arrested Development Hits Netflix in May (Confirmed)

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It's official. The wild antics of the Bluth family will be gracing our screens once again within the next four months.

Netflix has taken to twitter to confirm the return of Arrested Development in May. That's 14 new episodes for the new season (4), all of which will be released at the same time for your marathoning pleasure.

What Netflix is confirming here is simply the May release date. We've known that Arrested Development was in production for some time, and we knew that it would culminate in a 14-episode fourth season. We had an unconfirmed idea on the date, but now we can plan accordingly.

Details leaked and then quickly removed suggested May 4th as the premiere date. Netflix has confirmed that the show will launch in all regions, but has yet to specify an actual date in May.

We don't know much in the way of new plot details, but here are some nuggets from Netflix on Twitter:

Other Netflix original/exclusive release dates we know include February 1st for the David Fincher/Kevin Spacey political drama House of Cards and April 19th for the Eli Roth werewolves show Hemlock Grove (which just got its first trailer).

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