Armored Van Crash: Loomis Spills Money All Over Michigan Town in Record Snow


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An armored van crashed today in Vienna Township, Michigan, resulting in cash and coins spilling out over the roadway. The Flint Journal broke the story, with initially little detail. The location was known, and rolls of money were reported to be strewn across the scene. At first local officials refused to comment.

Within an hour, an update to the story was posted. The armored van was struck by the other driver, who is 27 years old and from the nearby city of Saginaw.

Although the exact count of how much money was spilled was not disclosed, the van carried about one million dollars. Extra crews from the company, Loomis, were called in to shovel up the money. Genesee County Sheriff Sargent Pete Stocchi told the Journal that no citations had been issued and the investigation was ongoing.

The Journal reported that the area saw one to two inches of snow, resulting in a snowfall record. Breaking the previous record of 82.9 inches from the 1974-1975 season, the additional overnight snow pushed the total to 83.2. Other records broken in the area included most consecutive days with snow on the ground, coldest cold season, and the most days below zero. For the occasion, the Flint Journal called for photos:

Loomis, the armored truck company, made no comment on the crash. It operates in sixteen different countries and controls "the nation’s largest integrated cash distribution network, with nearly 200 operating locations and over 8,000 Teammates", according to their website. The Turkish branch of the company maintains a Facebook page with photos of the company's fleet:

Image via Loomis, Facebook