Ariel Winter Reportedly Using Beyonce To Deal With Breakup

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Ariel Winter has reportedly split from her boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette and is using Beyonce's music to help her through it.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Winter posted a meme on Instagram showing Beyonce and her dancers from the "Single Ladies" video with the caption, "Start of a new week, start of a new chapter #dancinglikebeyoncemood."

The 17-year old actress hasn't commented further, but her fans are taking it to mean she is indeed single again. Earlier in the week, she posted a quote from psychologist Abraham Maslow.

"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety. Time to move forward, time to move on…"

The couple have been together for two years, and Winter has said that Gaudette has always been supportive of her endeavors and is her closest friend.

"It was kind of like I saw him, and I was like, 'I would like to get to know him.' And I did! I’m very outgoing, so I kind of initiated the, ‘Hi, I’m here! It’s nice to meet you. It’s so awesome to be in love with somebody who’s so supportive and wonderful and just somebody who’s also your best friend."

Start of a new week, start of a new chapter #dancinglikebeyoncemood

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Winter has been the target of bullying online recently, not only for her appearance--she underwent a breast reduction earlier this year--but for a photo she posted on social media that appeared to show her in a tight white dress at a wedding. Ariel garnered backlash for the social faux pas, but later took to Twitter to clarify that the dress was nude and photographed lighter.

“I would never, ever wear a white dress to a wedding that's not my own. 'm a human being. Some comments hurt. But luckily I'm strong enough to handle it- unfortunately, I know others out there who deal with online bullies as well- for those victims just remember you are wonderful and don't let other people's words define you. We're all beautiful, and they don't deserve our time," Ariel Winter wrote.

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