Ariana Grande Talks Changes And The VMAs

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Many people predicted that Ariana Grande would one day be a huge star and she is now a music chart topper and a popular actress. The young star said that it seemed like she became famous overnight and in reality, it did happen pretty fast.

Just a year ago Grande was excited to have a spot during the VMAs preshow. This Sunday she will host the event. That's a pretty big jump in just a year.

Grande said that she is beyond excited to host the event and feels like it is almost unbelievable.

"To go from performing on the pre-show last year to opening the VMAs this year is utterly insane—and just too crazy to process," Grande, said.

"And I feel like I won't actually process it until after it happens, and then I'll process it as I'm watching it, and then I'll be l like…[whoa] OK, that happened."

Grande will also be performing at the show. She will be performing Break Free, off of her latest album, My Everything, which goes on sale on Aug. 24, and Bang Bang with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J.

Grande said that she is very proud of the album and excited to share it with her fans. One of her favorite songs on My Everything is a ballad that was written for her by One Direction member Harry Styles.

The song, A Little Bit of Your Heart, is special to Grande and she said that it also shows off Harry's talent as a writer.

"I think people know Harry, of course, first and foremost as a singer, but I think they'll be very impressed when they hear his writing skills," she said.

Don't forget to watch Grande's performance on the VMA's this Sunday.

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