Ariana Grande Mourning Grandfather's Passing

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Ariana Grande lost her beloved grandfather, 90-year-old Frank Grande, this past week to cancer, and even watched her brother, Frankie Grande--a Big Brother contestant--receive the news while on the show. Both the Problem singer and her brother--as well as their whole family--are now in mourning.

Ariana appreciated all the support she received from her friends and family, as well as from her fans all around the world. They reached out to her via social media and she made a point of reaching back. She also shared memories and photos of her beloved grandfather.

The former Sam & Cat star shared a very poignant shot of her visiting her grandfather in his final days. She flew to Boca Raton over the 4th of July holiday and spent some quality time with him.

She captioned it very simply, 'I love you.'

She also shared some shots of her very handsome grandfather during his younger days. This one is captioned 'frank & babe late 40's.' Babe is Ariana Grande's grandmother.

And then she posted this solo shot of Frank Grande. He really was a very handsome man.

This beautiful photo features Ariana Grande and her grandfather enjoying happy times together.

These photos will forever be treasures to Ariana now that her grandfather is gone. She no doubt realizes she was blessed to have him and is proud of him for fighting his cancer battle. At ninety, perhaps it was simply his time to go.

Ariana has a heart filled with grace. That is quite evident in the message she shared with all those who prayed for her and cried with her during this most difficult time.

In time Ariana Grande will come to view these precious photos with a smile on her face and a sense of love in her heart. Yes, the mourning is painful, but in time it will lift and leave behind a feeling of peace and of knowing that she took the time to be with her grandfather during his last days.

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